Forrester over Google

12 juli 2009

Hoe worden vacaturesites en vertical search engines geraakt door de verbeteringen in zoekfunctionaliteit van de grote zoekmachines (Google, Bing)? Dit was de vraag die Recruitment Matters aan Forrester heeft gesteld.

Forrester: “Google is definitely a threat to disrupt the job board and job aggregation markets. The company has a model to encourage and fund innovation, and this is an area that we believe will be a focus for Google in the future. The key challenge for Google or Microsoft is not how to harness the technology, but rather, it is how to create a profitable revenue stream from it. Whereas Google is an innovative company at heart, Microsoft seeks to improve upon innovations of others. One possible strategy for it would be to replicate or acquire LinkedIn for candidate information. They could also replicate the job aggregation sites as well.”

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Bron: Recruitment Matters, 12 juli 2009

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