07 2007 – Understanding and Managing the Mobile Workforce

Datum       Juli 2007
Titel   Understanding and Managing the Mobile Workforce
Auteur/Bron   Cisco
Document   MobileWorkforce_071807.pdf
Samenvatting   Highlights from the report:
• Mobile working can enhance productivity, motivation, flexibility and staff retention.
• Technological and cultural trends support the growing adoption of mobile working.
• The key competencies required for effective mobile working are adaptability, communication, planning, organisation and relationship-building.
• The emerging psychological profile of the successful mobile worker suggests that resilience, extroversion, openness to new experiences, self-confidence and self-motivation are critical markers to consider when selecting staff.
• Mobile workers are at risk of stress, isolation and alienation from their employers.
• Managing mobile workers effectively demands high levels of trust, respect for individual autonomy, and close attention to communication styles and content.
• Organisations with mobile workers must invest in the creation and maintenance of rich relationships.
• Readiness for, and approaches to, mobile working vary according to national cultures.


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