Conferentie over Flexicurity op 20 april

9 april 2007

Flexicurity is a widely discussed topic in the current labour market and social policy debate. It promotes a combination of flexible labour markets and high levels of employment and income security and it is thus seen as a possible answer to Europe’s challenge of how to maintain and improve competitiveness whilst preserving the European social model.

The 2006 Spring European Council asked the Commission to explore, jointly with Member States and Social Partners the development of a set of “common principles of flexicurity”. The Commission will therefore present a Communication identifying alternative pathways of flexicurity, taking into account the various specificities and starting positions in Member States. This conference will take stock of and further the debate with contributions made by all stakeholders.

Who can register?
The conference will bring together participants representing:
• European and national social partners;
• Non-Governmental organisations in the sphere of employment and social policy;
• Representatives of national, regional or local governments and authorities;
• Researchers;
• Journalists;
• European institutions.

Bron: Europese Commissie, 9 april 2007


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